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I've seen very little coverage online for Dusk coming to PS4, so thought I'd highlight that here as it's a personal favourite of mine.

Dusk is a retro/90s style single player FPS that came out on PC a few years ago, and got excellent reviews for good reason. The aesthetic is early 3D FPS like Quake, and the moment to moment action, gunplay, tone and level design are extremely good. Definitely one that does not just rely on nostalgia, but is a solid shooter in its own right, in my opinion.

As it's made from a very small team, it took a few years to port it first to Switch, and a few weeks ago it came out on PS4. Played it and platinumed it there (really fun platinum for those interested!) and once again had the time of my life going through it.

Anyone else here playing it, or interested? Can we expect to see a review on Push Square? Would love to here some thoughts if anyone's jumped on it already.


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