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My kids two DualShock controllers have completely stopped charging. After Trying out the ‘soloutions’ I found online I still could not get them to charge so I purchased two new controllers. Now I have four controllers that won’t charge?!?!

I have tried using the charging cables on different devices, they all work. The steering wheel we have works from both of the PS4 USB ports, so that means they work. I’ve tried charging upside down both from the wall and the console, resetting, unpairing/pairing but still they will not charge. When I push the PS button the console briefly recognises the controller before it dies.

I really am at a loss.



Have the controllers been left without a charge for an extended period?

If so, it could take anything up to an hour for a completely flat battery to even get going.

Get one of the oldest ones and leave it plugged in to the PS4 in standby. Best way to check.

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Thanks but I’ve tried that too. Left them all on charge over night, still dead.


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