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Hi all,

I have a PS3 CECH-3000A with no working HDMI connection (both video and audio) and I am looking for the advice from you. Please see below for the short description.

Last time, I updated my PS3 firmware and encountered with an error code 8002F334 (update loop). I found that the reason is my broken bluetooth/wifi board so I bought the replacement part from china. After replacing that, my PS3 will only turn on if 2 press the power button 2 times (1st turn red, 2nd turn green) with no video. If holding the power button, it will off.

Please see my video below.

I also have the E3 flasher, is that support me to do something for this error?
Please help me, thank in advance.



@nltduong2112 Well using devices like the E3 Flasher cannot be discussed here as discussion of those devices are against the rules here, but it's probably a safe bet that that is why you are having problems. Also buying a replacement part for China probably didn't help either. Best bit of advice I can give you is either contact Sony and set up a repair with them or just buy a new PS3.

Good luck to you.

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