Topic: New Disk and Still Freezes?

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The game freezes mere moments after I move -most times before it even loads or when I'm at the menu. That only happens when I try to play with network on, besides that I play just fine offline. This started when I tried to play the multiplayer mode for the first time, where the game just blackscreened and wouldn't load (I waited for hours)! I bought a new disk of the same game assuming it was a scratch on the disk making it impossible to read, but it still freezes. I don't even have the chance to open Uplay to do something (the game is AC4 black flag). Is there ANYTHING I can do to fix it without deleting my data? I don't even know if doing so the game will stop freezing..

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I believe this may be just an issue with game itself and I have seen the YouTuber "Mystic" experience the same thing on a different AC game, but I believe he only stopped at trying to play the multiplayer. You could try backing up your save, then deleting everything AC4:BF related, then restoring your save files? However, if the multiplayer component made any changes to your save files, it's very likely that it'll attempt to contact Ubisoft servers if networking is on and you'll face the same issue.

I think it's safe to say that these games on PS3 are effectively abandoned, so your workaround of playing offline is going to be the only way if my suggestion doesn't work. Ubisoft will not be going back to patch it.

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