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Hey peepz,
So 2 days ago i jailbroke my ps3. yesterday everything was going fine, i was playing games with my friend and playing some ps2 games i ha lying around.
At one point late in the day i noticed that there was an application that was part of my CFW which i was running Overflow 4.85 Cobra 8
Anyways i noticed an app that could be installed from the whats new menu on the PS3 called CEX 2 DEX. My friend has been jailbroken a lot longer then i have and was telling me previously that day that there was a lot more to be done on a DEX console then a CEX console so i started to install the app so i could switch.

At this point i had done no research on how to even use the app because i was not using it yet i was just installing it. so keep in mind I NEVER OPENED the app.
Alright so the issue begins, as i was letting the app install my screen went blue and displayed no signal. i could not tell you when during the cycle because i was on my pc at the time. now i say oh its frozen, so i press the power button to turn it off. It did nothing not even a beep. so i unplugged the console and plugged it back in. when i restarted it it turned on but still not display and i still could not turn it off with the button. i tried numerous times until i finally booted it into safemode, i was abke to see the safemode menu and select to rebuild databasd or whichever option i wanted. But once i chose one of those options it would go back to no display still on but still not able to power off with the power button. Ive tried running AV, A new HDMI, and switching HDMI ports, Restting The Video Signal, But nothing has worked. I thought it was bricked at first but It turns on still and i noticed when a console is bricked it wont turn on. S

So My question is, does anyone have an idea of whats going on? I cant figure it out. Any help would be most appreciated. I am completely fine with having to factory reset my playstation as i can easily rejailbreak it.
i just wanna be able to use it haha



@mikebarnes408 simple you jailbroke your PS3 your trying to make it do something it wasn't designed for and so it crashed

also talking about this kind of thing is against the rules on this site as it's illegal so this thread will get locked before too long

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@FullbringIchigo Hey man, i completely understand that i jailbroke my console and that goes against what it was meant for. howeverrrr jailbreaking was deemed legal by the U.S. Government.
Jailbreaking falls under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which addresses digital copyright issues.

anyways thanks for your concern but not what i needed. hope you have a good day!



@mikebarnes408 it’s a fair enough question, but you won’t get any help on here I don’t think - most of the regulars don’t bother with that type of stuff I don’t think. Plus as mentioned I don’t think you’re allowed to discuss it here either. Probably have better success asking elsewhere, there must be more specialised forums out there? Good luck!


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@mikebarnes408 Yeah discussion here about jailbreaking consoles is not allowed here I am afraid. Try Google, or better yet don't jailbreak your stuff and it will work just fine.

Just a thought.

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@Tasuki alright ill try somewhere else thanks, and ive had my PS3 slim for 9 years now and i have my kernel backed up so if it is bricked i can reflash the old kernel back to it to fix it. but its a process haha


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