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Hi all,
I was given a superb Christmas prezzie from my wife...... PS4 VR package & motion controllers.
My problem is with Skyrim VR which came as part of the VR package.
When using the motion controllers I only see 1 hand in game. Both motion controllers are connected as the control buttons are working on both in game & both are lit up.
The problem is when using sword/shield or bow/arrow. Only the sword arm shows (shield for defence isn't). When selecting bow (only the arrow shows, no bow).
If I use the wireless gamepad all is ok.
(I'm not new to Skyrim, played it a lot on PC so I know that for example both the sword/shield must be selected)

As I mentioned at the start, only 1 hand (whether any weapon is selected) is seen in game.

Thanks for any replies/help.




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