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@themcnoisy Well done - I don't have the patience for that but almost wish I did.

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Interview from Game Informer with the director of Astro Bot; It lasts about 50 minutes, but it's pretty interesting. Astro Bot was made in 18 months with a core team of only 15 people! He's doing a GDC talk next week, so that will be interesting as well.



@Quintumply Yeah, I like how he quite openly speaks about his team, Japan Studio and Sony in general. You don't see that very often. Except for sales of course



@Jaz007 @themcnoisy I'm a bit late to this one but Astro Bot was probably my favourite game last year and I loved every second of it. Absolutely genius to make you feel part of the game too from enemies attacking you to going underwater and getting seaweed stuck on your head and the teamwork needed to beat the bosses. The Ghouls and Ghosts inspired level was one of my favourites but then again I can't think of a single level that wasn't great which is unusual. Absolute gem of a game

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