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I have played guitar for many years before Rocksmith was released on playstation. I loved that it was an interactive fun way to learn an instrument and even teach intermediate players something new.

But now I think it's time for a new one to be born. While the current Rocksmith Remastered is merely fine, I would like to see a much better epic version. I have some thoughts on how this could be achieved and here they are:

An auto tuning mode option that retunes your guitar on the fly based off E standard. I hate being in the zone only to be stopped to retune for one song and then return to a different tuning afterwards. If I were a professional I would want to retune to a drop D or switch to a C standard, but I'm not.

I also don't have thirty guitars all tuned differently. We have the technology to retune the instrument without having to turn a peg and it would create a more immersive experience. Let me turn the option on and off if I choose.

Also if a song has no lead then have it automatically switch paths for me, so I can switch from the lead path to rhythm and keep playing without having to go back and select it manually.

Being able to use any audio cable and have the sound have zero lag and perfect latency, we all love our HDMI cable, Why? Because its one friggin cable! I'm sure you can program the system to detect your audio and video settings on your tv from your console, and then match it so there is no lag.

An option to reduce the accuracy scanning as you play a song, I have played multiple times when I'm supposed to play the same chord over and over rapidly and the game would detect hit,hit,miss,hit, hit, etc..
Very annoying when you know you are playing it properly, and it messes up your score.

Children learning also tend to not strum or have exact finger placement, so it would be nice to have the game have a kind of "close enough" slider feature.

Those simple things would vastly improve the game.

Other things:
Its hard to remember a song outside of the game, Master mode might need some tweaking but how I'm not sure.

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