Topic: Save Data won't load on PS4

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This is a two-part issue I am having:

1) I have save data from when I made a new PS account on a different console; the data is in a folder on my pc hard drive. All of the subfolders are intact in the main folder, exactly as it was copied from the console to USB.
However when I go to copy the folder to any USB and put the USB in the console (PS4 Slim) it doesn't recognize any save files. The USB itself is recognized.
Does the save data need to be moved to a specific location on the USB before the console can access it? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.

2) A new and unrelated issue, I just ran a system update and went to play a game. I inserted the disc and waited for the game to reinstall. The save data for this game shows up in my system storage, with the last modified date being today when the game was reinstalled.
But when I go to the game title screen, the save data does not show up. It asks me to review the license agreement and option to start new game, but does not show my save files even though they are showing to be in system storage. Is this a system update issue?



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