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Hi everyone, nice to meet you) Hope that somebody can help me:) Is there someone who published games or apps on the PlayStation platform? The main problem is that PS is a "closed platform" and it's really hard to find info about publishing( In the process of registration company I've found a step with Attached Presentation about your product (Project Pitch). Are there any specific requirements for creating such a presentation and what problems may arise during the publishing process? I would be glad to receive any information TNX

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You're referring to the Playstation Partners site? Well, I just looked around a bit and there are a few guides to creating a game design document, or GDD as they refer to it on that site.

Here's one:

Though if you check the FAQ it does also say you can also just send a project pitch which it defines as "a brief outline of your planned product(s) for PlayStation® platforms. Please send documentation rather than links. Documentation may contain links to online material but a documentary overview is still required."

So going by the word "brief" there, it doesn't seem like it has to be a huge undertaking.


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