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So yesterday I had to do a factory restore ony my PS4 after my power surged while saving a game. Is this normal when the power surges or goes out when saving data to your system memory kind of like how PSOne and PS2 memory cards could become corrupted if the system was powered down while saving a game or is this the sign of a bigger problem?

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It can happen with almost every game console or computer. Best to hook your playstation into a power surge protector at least, but other than that, if the power goes off when a game is saving (on any system) or if you accidentally turn it off while it is doing so, yeah, it can become corrupted. However, if a game corrupts the save file and the system never does any of this, it's in the game itself. If the system powers off while saving the game, then it's some sort of problem with the console. Hope this helps you out.


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Good thing we have cloud saves as a backup, right?

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