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CE-32911-6. We had an update on our system and now we are screwed... boot up won't get past the Terms and conditions..... soon as i hit accept we get the error code. PSN don't recognise the code and only seem to want £125 for a repair or replacement... seems harsh if their update caused the issue... Tried to re initialise, update and even rebuild the database... using the old 500 gig hard drive did nothing... Any ideas folks.?

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@Hoodlums i did some searching online (which is all you really need to do if you have an error code) and apparently it's an issues with PSN and it should sort itself out at some point

just leave it for now and try again later

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Thanks man... we got it sorted in the end. Took the hard drive out and did a full forced clean... then got hold of a slightly older version of the update file... all is good.



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