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Good evening, guys.
I'm about to buy PlayStation 4 Slim 1tb with Call of Duty: Modern warfare.
The thing is that the package which includes console and the game is way more expensive than buying console and the game separate. So i'm just wondering is there a difference between those PlayStation 4 SLIM 1tb consoles specs wise? (which i didn't really saw.)
I will write in nok. because currently i live in Norway.
So buying a package PS4 SLIM 1TB with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare costs 4390 nok. (374.42 eur.)
But buying PS4 SLIM 1TB (2890 nok. / 246.48 eur.) + Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game disk 599 nok. / 51.09 eur.) = 3489 nok. / 297.57 eur.
The difference is 901 nok. which is 76,85 eur!
What's the point of buying package when buying them separate saves you good amount of cash? Maybe there's a difference between those ps4 slims?

I will add some screenshots, and the link to the comparision, you guys who own ps4 should know more than me, thank you!


Link to the full comparision:



@mantaspodlinevas No, there's no difference. The consoles will be identical; one might be from a slightly newer production line, but that's about it. They'll work the same and play the same.

Bundles are marketing exercises, designed to entice those who saw a flashy trailer for a specific game but are otherwise relative newcomers to console gaming. At launch, they usually break even, but now Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been out a few months, you're starting to see the savings.

If you went ahead and purchased that bundle now, you'd be paying extra for a slightly bigger cardboard box, and the convenience of making one purchase instead of two. That's all.

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