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I have had my PS4 for about a year now and about a month before the new call of duty came out it was fine and 2-3 weeks before it came out there was a PS4 system update and it completely messed up my PS4 so now I can’t play and game with out it crashing and freezing and lagging me out I have done the hole rebuild the system thing everyone says to do and nothing my PS4 crashed for so long it did it on its own plz help



@xBaseEffect Definitely get in touch with Sony tech support if the firmware update was the cause.

No idea your region, so can't post direct contact details for you, but they should be pretty easy to find via a quick Google search. Tell them your problem and see what they say.

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I personally think the latest system update has f'ed up the PS4's OS and needs to be fixed. I've always had issues with my PS4, but it got 1,000x worse after the last system update...

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@TowaHerschel7 emm it could be that your update went wrong because i haven't seen anyone else having issue with the last update

have you tried reinstalling it?

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