Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 479

A huge June is underway, with Street Fighter 6 and Diablo 4 now available. While we suspect many of you will be playing one of the two, there are so many other games out right now that we're expecting a spectrum of selections in this week's WAYP.

Aaron Bayne

Another weekend without Internet for me and while the sun is currently splitting the trees, I thought I’d stick to the darkness with a replay of Alan Wake. I haven’t played this one since it’s first release, so I’m curious to see how it holds up with its PS5 remaster.

Jamie O'Neill

I finally got the chance to watch the full PlayStation Showcase 2023 yesterday, and it's inspired me to dig out and dust off my PlayStation Classic to play PS1 Metal Gear Solid.

Liam Croft

I'm looking to wrap up playthroughs of Humanity on PS5 and Planet of Lana on my Xbox Series X; I've enjoyed the former much more than the latter. I also want to go and see Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse at some point this weekend.

Scott McCrae

This weekend I'll be playing countless amounts of Street Fighter 6, as well as digging into We Love Katamari Reroll + Royal Reverie for a review that you can look forward to here next week.

Simon Fitzgerald

This weekend after finishing up Star Wars Jedi Survivor, I’ll be keeping the saber swinging going by strapping on my PSVR2 headset and playing a bit of Beat Saber. I may even partake in a few rounds of Walkabout Mini Golf.

Quite an action-packed WAYP this weekend, then, and honestly quite a lot more variety than you'd perhaps expect given the busy release calendar. But what are you playing? Let us know in the comments section below.