ScourgeBringer What Are You Playing WAYP 1

Wow, we're days away from the PS Showcase, so there's extra excitement this weekend. Sony may frustrate us with its cloak and daggers approach to the industry these days, but the upshot is that when it finally steps out of its shell, the bombshells are never far away.

Aaron Bayne

Me and my mate will be trying to keep things under par in Walkabout Mini Golf on PSVR2, with plenty of courses to work through over the weekend!

Jamie O'Neill

Flying Oak Games' ScourgeBringer is a snappy roguelite platformer that bestows the tiniest of pixels upon the term pixel art. I recently bought ScourgeBringer as a small game in a 50% off deal, thanks to the PS Store's latest Big Games Big Deals sale.

Khayl Adam

I'm playing something for assignment right now, but in the brief breaks allowed to me (by a capricious newborn), I'd really like to get back to Dredge. I fell off somewhere between bigger titles, but there's something special about that game, and I'd like to see more!

Robert Ramsey

I feel like I've spent my entire life playing Trails of Cold Steel IV, but this weekend will see me finally finish the fight, over 100 hours later. But I have thoroughly enjoyed this second run (what an absolutely massive weeb), and I feel well and truly ready for Trails into Reverie.

Scott McCrae

I'll be playing the Street Fighter 6 open beta all weekend likely and wishing Manon and Zangief were in the beta so I can stop looking at Luke. Probably a bit of Zelda, too!

Simon Fitzgerald

This weekend I’ll be sitting back in my recliner sofa with our new miniature dachshund puppy snuggled on my lap and playing some more Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. Let’s hope the controller doesn’t become the puppy’s new favourite teething toy.

Stephen Tailby

I'll be popping on a poncho and getting back to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor this weekend. I've no idea how far through I am, but I'm having a blast with it (quite literally — the blaster stance is my jam right now).

After lots of Zelda last week, we're back to a pretty varied WAYP this time. There's so many great games out at the moment that it's not surprising so many are digging into something different. What's keeping you busy this weekend?