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Whether you celebrate Easter or not, we sincerely hope you're enjoying the brighter spring weather, and have stockpiled some chocolate for this long weekend. And while you're eating that chocolate, don't forget to cram in some video games. Here's what we're playing!

Aaron Bayne

Along with a game for review, I’ll be chipping away at Horizon Forbidden West this long weekend.

Jamie O'Neill

Cannon Dancer is genuinely my most anticipated release of 2023, although I've already waited 27 years to spin kick around Kouichi Yotsui's design, so I'll take five more days in my stride. In the meantime, I'll play Breakers Collection to stick with last weekend's Neo Geo theme.

Khayl Adam

I’ll finally wrap up Resident Evil 4 before circling back to Dead Space. I also picked up haunted fishing game Dredge, so I’d like to try that out too, time permitting!

Liam Croft

I’m still making my way through Octopath Traveler II, which continues to be a delight.

Sammy Barker

I waited months for Game Freak to fix Pokémon Scarlet, but it's not going to happen, so I've decided to wrap it up at 12fps like the developer clearly intended.

Scott McCrae

I just got a new PC and so I'm breaking it in with Death Stranding: Directors Cut as well as a bit of Cult of the Lamb.

Simon Fitzgerald

With the long Easter weekend ahead of us there should be plenty of time for me to finally start Moss on PSVR2. I may have purchased it back at launch but I keep putting it off playing it. Let’s hope I don’t end up back on Battlefield 2042 instead.

Stephen Tailby

In between pretending I'm too old to eat Easter eggs and then eating Easter eggs, I'll be keeping tabs on Meet Your Maker, checking out community levels to see what the level editor can really do. Aside from that, I have so many other games I want to play; Tchia, Rollerdrome, and Sifu are all waiting in the wings.

It's another week where literally everyone on our team is playing something different, which again speaks to the sheer volume of releases available right now. What are you playing this weekend? Keep it varied in the comments section below.