The Last of Us Part 1 Poll

The Last of Us: Part I is real, and it's coming to PS5 on the 2nd September. The long-rumoured announcement was meant to be Geoff Keighley's big finale for Summer Game Fest Live, but Sony somehow managed to leak the entire thing through its own PlayStation Direct store just hours before the show. Perhaps that leak contributed to the fact that most of you were left unimpressed with the event in our poll.

Anyway, we're here to talk about The Last of Us: Part I — a remake of The Last of Us, which originally released for PS3 just nine years ago. It was remastered for PS4 a year later, in 2014, and that remaster still holds up today, running at a silky smooth 60 frames-per-second.

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With all of that in mind, many people are looking at the newly announced Part I and wondering whether such a remake is even necessary. While there's no doubt that Part I is going to look — and play, thanks to overhauled gameplay based on The Last of Us: Part IIa lot better than the original, Sony is essentially asking fans to cough up $70 for another version of its 2013 blockbuster. A universally acclaimed title, for sure, but it's easy to see why some onlookers are unenthused.

And so, we're here to ask whether you're actually interested in The Last of Us: Part I. Vote in our polls, and then explain your position in the comments section below.

Will you buy The Last of Us: Part I?
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