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The next 18 months or so are going to be huge for fans of Final Fantasy — assuming there are no delays! There are currently not one, not two, but three high profile Final Fantasy titles scheduled for PlayStation platforms before 2024. But which one are you most excited about?

It all kicks off this winter with what Square Enix is calling a 'remaster' of PSP bestseller Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Titled Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion, the tale of Zack Fair will be retold on PS5 and PS4. Naturally, it looks better than ever, with overhauled character models and what appear to be much higher quality assets. Hopefully some of the gameplay mechanics have been adjusted as well. The bottom line, though, is that you know exactly what you're getting with this one — unlike the other games we're about to mention.

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI is set to release in the summer of 2023 as a PS5 exclusive. Spearheaded by the team behind Final Fantasy XIV, this is an action RPG with a more mature story, according to Square Enix. Main character Clive is on a quest for bloody revenge, and there'll be a lot of battles between giant monsters. Everything we've seen so far of Final Fantasy XVI has looked potentially fantastic.

And last but not least, we have Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, another PS5 exclusive, targeting a winter 2023 launch. Two massive Final Fantasy titles releasing months apart? Yeah, we're not sold on that either, but that's the schedule right now. Rebirth is a sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake, continuing the adventure of Cloud and the gang — but it's not going to be the adventure that we know from the original Final Fantasy VII. This is the game that we know the least about at this point in time — but it could still be the one you're most looking forward to.

So, which is it? Vote in our polls, and then try to explain yourself in the comments section below.

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