What's Your Favourite PS5 Game So Far? Poll 1

Today marks the first anniversary of PlayStation 5 following the hardware's US launch on 12th November 2020, and a lot of games have come out during that time. Things got off to a flying start with a very strong launch lineup, and Sony has persisted by keeping owners engaged with a variety of exclusive titles throughout 2021. There are already hundreds of native PS5 games available, and to mark today's celebration, we want to know which ones are your favourites so far.

Listed below are the majority of the most noteworthy PS5 titles out to date, and you can choose up to three of your favourites games so far. There's likely to be an omission here and there, and we apologise for that, but we've done our best to cover every PS5 game people seem to care about. For more coverage of the PS5's first anniversary, click through to our PS5 Report Card.

Now it's time for you to share what your five favourite PS5 titles are so far. Select up to three games, and then reveal your picks in the comments below along with your reasoning.

What's your favourite PS5 game so far? (Select up to three answers)

(You can select up to 3 answers)