State of Play Poll

Another quality State of Play, another poll to find out what featured games tickled your fancy. Before we even begin, we think we know which title will monopolise the votes (it begins with God of War and ends with Ragnarok), but hey, there was still so much to like about Sony's latest showcase.

Rise of the Ronin was one heck of a nice surprise, as was Like a Dragon: Ishin!, and the full reveal of Tekken 8. Slightly smaller, but still great looking games like Synduality and Stellar Blade added a lot to the event, and we even got a couple of PSVR2 titles to whet our appetite for Sony's upcoming, next-gen headset.

We think it was a damn good show, then — as we've already said in our State of Play Reaction article — but now it's time for your input. What was your favourite game at September 2022's State of Play? Vote in our poll, and then explain yourself in the comments section below.

What was your favourite game at State of Play?