With Sony now more or less completely withdrawn from the handheld gaming market, it’s perhaps easy to forget that the PSP was a huge success. While it was pretty much always in the Nintendo DS’ shadow, the system sold a staggering 80 million units throughout its lifespan, and served as a precursor to pocketable multimedia devices like smartphones.

This author was still at the tail-end of high school when the PSP launched, and has fond memories watching Spider-Man 2 in class and loading up the Memory Stick Duo with Motion City Soundtrack songs. The games were also great, of course – and there were loads of them, as third-party developers really bought into the prospect of a portable PlayStation at the time.

As has been the case with our recent Best PS Vita Games and Best PS3 Games, we want to compile a definitive list of the absolute cream of the PSP crop, and we want it to be determined by your ratings. That means we need you to think back to the mid-noughties, and rate some of the games you played on Sony’s cutting-edge handheld console.

We have some really powerful tools that should help make this as entertaining as possible for you. Using the widget below, you can search for specific games, and then score them appropriately out of 10. We’ll then compile all of this data and use it to present a final, overall list of Best PSP Games, which we’ll publish on the site.

The cool thing about these lists is they’re determined by you, not necessarily our editorial staff, and they’re able to grow and evolve over time. That means if you take umbrage with the results, you can actually do something about it. As you may have guessed, we’ll gradually be applying these same principles to other PlayStation consoles, but for now let’s focus on the PSP.

It’s worth noting that if there’s a particular game missing, we’ll try to add it in – just let us know in the comments section below. Also, because the PSP pre-dates Push Square somewhat, there may be some scruffiness in our game database. Please excuse the mess, and let us know about any glaring issues – we’ll try to fix them.

What’s your favourite PSP game? Take some time to rate your favourites using the widget above, and then let us know in the comments section below.