Poll: We Need You to Rate More of Your Fave PS5 Games
Image: Push Square

It’s been a year since we last asked you to rate your favourite PS5 games, and in that time we’ve compiled the data to put together some pretty comprehensive listicles, including our ginormous guide to the Best PS5 Games. Of course, with new titles releasing every week, it’s important our content remains accurate – and we need your scores in order to achieve that.

Rather than rely on our own personal assumptions, we want to make our guides to the best games on PlayStation representative of you, and the more data we have to assemble some kind of order, the more accurate we can make our lists. As we look forward to creating a slew of new guides – and updating old ones – we’re once again eager to poll you for your opinions.

You’ll probably be familiar with this widget by now, but if not, below you’ll find a list of virtually every PS5 game released to date. All we really need you to do is browse through the ones you’ve played, and submit a score out of ten. We’ll then compile all of this data, and use it to help rank our best games lists – and then there can be no complaints, because all of the power is in your hands!

You can search for a specific game, or browse through alphabetically – we’ll leave that up to you. We’ve tried to make it a fun process overall, though:

Whether you only submit one rating or dozens, we appreciate you taking the time to help us out, so we can ensure our recommendations are representative of the PlayStation community on whole. Let us know if you have any suggestions for how we can make this even easier moving forwards, and be sure to tell us which games you rated in the comments section below.