Poll: Is Twisted Metal's TV Show a Win or a Write-Off? 1

It’s been a few days since Twisted Metal’s oddball television show started streaming on Peacock. While first impressions were disastrous based on a now infamous Thong Song scene showcased during Summer Game Fest, the reception to the entire first season has been much warmer overall, with reviews still largely mixed but many critics noting there is heart here.

We noted in our review that it exceeded our expectations, and while its hyper-violent humour may not appeal to all tastes, there’s actually a touching romantic comedy vibe between leads Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz. The show also manages to encapsulate the goofy, oddball vibe of the games, while still steering it in a direction that works in a television context.

Considering most fans were gearing up for a flop, then, it looks like Twisted Metal has against all odds found its target audience. But how are you feeling about the show? It’s been a few days since it debuted, and we suspect some of you will have had an opportunity to watch the first few episodes by now. Is it a win or a write-off? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

What are your thoughts on Twisted Metal's television show? (812 votes)

  1. I like it more than Sweet Tooth loves paper bags35%
  2. It's an agreeable slice of car crash entertainment27%
  3. Preacher's sermons are more engaging than this2%
  4. I don't have Peacock, but I want to watch it21%
  5. You'd have to pay me to waste my time with this15%