PS5 Accolades Poll

Sony is set to discontinue PS5 accolades later this year, if you can believe it. What? You don't even know what the PS5 accolades system is? Well, let's have ourselves quick recap to refresh our memories...

Accolades are basically digital awards that you can earn through playing multiplayer games on PS5. They were revealed just ahead of the console's launch in November 2020, and back then, most people seemed to think that they were a neat idea. "One of the coolest new features of the PlayStation 5, which we can’t wait to put through its paces come launch, is the new Accolades system which forms part of your User Profile," is what we wrote at the time. Whoops!

So, accolades essentially let you show your appreciation for particularly helpful players — and as mentioned, they're displayed on your user profile so that everyone can see how much of a lovely person you are. The issue, of course, is that accolades have never really been properly highlighted or expanded upon. We would hazard a guess that most PS5 owners don't even know the system exists.

But don't take our word for it — that's why we're doing a poll! Be sure to cast your vote, and then tell us all about your accolade experience — or lack thereof — in the comments section below.

Have you ever used the PS5 accolades system?
Do you have any PS5 accolades?