Sony PS5 Accolades 1

One of the coolest new features of the PlayStation 5, which we can’t wait to put through its paces come launch, is the new Accolades system which forms part of your User Profile. As outlined in our PS5 review, this is a brand new rewards system that's designed to acknowledge those players who represent "PlayStation’s ideals”.

Here’s how it works: when playing online with strangers, you’ll be able to award badges based on your experience with certain players. There are three tiers: Helpful, Welcoming, and Good Sport. You may, for example, want to award a Helpful badge to someone who guides you through a co-op game, while you may give the Good Sport badge to someone who’s gracious in defeat.

The idea is to add a reward loop to being a positive community member. As we’re still in the pre-launch period, we haven’t been able to test this out properly yet, but we’re in love with the overall concept. It’s in the Japanese giant’s best interests to promote an inclusive community, and while this ultimately won’t weed out bad eggs, it does offer extra incentive to be kind.