One Piece Odyssey Poll

One Piece Odyssey is out now on PS5 and PS4, bringing the ultra-popular manga and anime series to Sony's systems as a turn-based RPG. Obviously, existing fans are the target audience here — but in its accessible mechanics and eternally entertaining characters, we dare say that One Piece newbies might want to check it out as well.

We gave the game a great 8/10 in our One Piece Odyssey PS5 review, likening it to the superb Dragon Quest XI. "No matter whether you're a hardcore One Piece fan or a complete newcomer, One Piece Odyssey is an utter joy of a JRPG. Its combat system remains incredibly enjoyable throughout, and new mechanics provide depth and strategy in droves. Most certainly the highlight of the experience, but with fun exploration to boot, you're always assured of a good time," we concluded.

But have you snapped up a copy of One Piece Odyssey? Are you a fan of Luffy and the gang? Have your say in our polls, and then set sail in the comments section below.

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