One Piece Odyssey PS5 PS4

A demo for One Piece Odyssey is now live on the PS Store across the UK, Europe, and the USA, letting you play the first few hours of the JRPG. Weighing in at 7.75GB, it's a fairly small download and you can carry over your progress into the full game if you like what you play. The full title releases for PS5, PS4 on 13th January 2023.

Celebrating the franchise's 25th anniversary, the game is designed to be approachable for both hardcore fans and also newcomers. This playable teaser will offer potential new supporters a chance to sample the experience, which launches with turn-based battles and a gameplay loop reminiscent of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. We'll have a full PS5 review for you to read tomorrow.

Have you had a chance to play the One Piece Odyssey demo yet? What do you think? Share your first impressions in the comments below.