Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for 2022 - How Did We Do? 1

The news cycle for another year is over, so forgive the upcoming "slow news days" as the gaming industry winds down for Christmas and the new year. We hope you've enjoyed our Game of the Year content so far, but now it is time to turn our attention to a couple of predictions we made at the start of 2022. Each Push Square editor wrote down three PS5, PS4 predictions based on the year in general, and now we'll see who came out on top.

Last year, it was a four-way tie as every editor scored just one point out of a potential three. Could someone finally take the crown for 2022? Let's find out.

Sammy Barker, Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for 2022 - How Did We Do? 2

"The Last of Us Factions Launches on PS5, PS4, and PC."

We're still waiting for any substantial information on The Last of Us Multiplayer in the works at Naughty Dog. A piece of concept art for the game was revealed at Summer Game Fest and more news has been promised in 2023, but that still doesn't promise a release even next year. It certainly didn't launch in 2022, though, so Sammy doesn't get a point for his first prediction.

"Returnal will get a massive refresh."

While Returnal did receive a free content update in the form of Ascension, which added co-op play and an endless mode, Sammy likened his prediction to Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut. Housemarque didn't go that far with its roguelike; funnily enough, his longshot guess is the bit that actually came true: the co-op implementation. Sammy also predicted a PC release, which was announced recently. In the name of Christmas cheer, we're going to give him a point for this one.

"Twisted Metal’s television tie-in is a Battle Royale for PS5, PS4, and PC."

Here's another game we — pretty surprisingly — haven't heard anything about. At least officially. Heavily rumoured to be in development at Firesprite Games after Destruction AllStars team Lucid Games was taken off the project, a Twisted Metal title appears to very much be a thing. However, 2022 wasn't the year for its release. No points for Sammy here.

1/3 points

Robert Ramsey, Deputy Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for 2022 - How Did We Do? 3

"A new Final Fantasy game will be announced that no one will see coming."

Since Robert made this prediction, two Final Fantasy games have been announced: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. The former was very much expected, but the latter not so much. Given the Final Fantasy VII Remake project Square Enix has undertaken, the remaster of PSP title Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII wasn't all that surprising, but it still wasn't a total given. Therefore, we're going to give Robert half a point here.

"A major anime-based fighting game from Arc System Works will be released."

We have a full point for Robert! Arc System Works launched DNF Duel this year, which is indeed a "major anime-based fighting game" on PS5, PS4. Spot on.

"We'll see Kratos ride a giant wolf in God of War Ragnarok gameplay."

Robert is very, very insistent about this prediction, actually making it for the second year in a row. However, let's pick it apart. At no point does Kratos ride a giant wolf in God of War Ragnarok. He certainly encounters one, and for that we're giving you half a point, but Kratos doesn't sit on the big wolf's back and ask it to take him somewhere. Enough!

2/3 points

Stephen Tailby, Associate Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for 2022 - How Did We Do? 4

"PSVR 2 launches in the latter half of the year, complete with a complimentary Astro Bot experience."

Sorry Stephen, you were too optimistic! PSVR2 misses 2022 by just two months, instead launching at the end of February 2023. A new Astro Bot game hasn't been confirmed yet either, so no points for you good sir.

"WipEout makes its return on PS5, and it's going GaaS."

The mobile WipEout game is, unfortunately, the only racing action Stephen saw from the series in 2022. There was no new WipEout game on PS5 this year, so we can't tell if the franchise will take the Games as a Service route yet either.

"Kratos gets drunk in God of War Ragnarok."

Come on, boy, Kratos wouldn't be so silly to get drunk when Ragnarok is at hand! Unless there's a secret scene buried somewhere in the game, Kratos does not get drunk in God of War Ragnarok.

0/3 points

Liam Croft, Assistant Editor

Our PS5, PS4 Predictions for 2022 - How Did We Do? 5

"Sony's next-gen PSVR headset doesn't release in 2022."

Correct! PSVR2 is releasing on 22nd February 2023; it did not make it to launch in time for 2022. An easy point for Liam.

"Gran Turismo 7 will have the highest Metacritic rating of any PS5, PS4 exclusive released in 2022."

Oh dear, look away in embarrassment right now Liam. Gran Turismo 7 managed a respectable Metacritic rating of 87 when it launched in March, but it was indeed beaten by Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarok. The former got an 88 while the latter landed on an impressive 94. Liam was just too optimistic about the return of traditional Gran Turismo.

"Firesprite Games shows what it's all about."

Another prediction from Liam that simply hasn't come to fruition. He reckoned recently acquired Firesprite Games would be one of the most important developers in 2022, releasing a new IP and announcing another game for 2023. Unfortunately, none of that happened. It still seems like the studio has the potential to do those things, but Liam was too quick on the draw at the very least. No points are awarded here.

1/3 points

With two points from a possible three, deputy editor Robert Ramsey takes the win this year! He can expect a round of clapping in our Slack channel when we all return from the Christmas break. We'll have more PS5, PS4 predictions for 2023 in the new year, but until then, congratulate us all in the comments below. Even Stephen, despite not recording a single point. We still love you, Stephen.