• Review The Town of Light (PS4)

    Old haunt

    It is perfectly clear, right from the pre-game warning screen, that this is a game that won’t be pulling any punches. The Town of Light tells the tragic tale of a teenage girl, Renée, suffering mental illness inside the walls of an early twentieth century Italian asylum, and while the characters are fictional, everything else is based...


  • Review Victor Vran: Overkill Edition (PS4)

    Tricky Vick

    Similarly to the Diablo series, Victor Vran: Overkill Edition is all about loot. Whether you're breaking open pots, opening chests, or buying from merchants, Haemimont Games' latest sees you stuffing your pockets with all the weapons, consumables, and items that you can find, from scythes and swords to destiny cards and demon powers. At...


  • Review Super Dungeon Bros (PS4)

    Bros before foes

    Super Dungeon Bros certainly has personality, we'll give it that. The title is shouted at you above a heavy soundtrack, the game tells you to 'Press X to rock', and you feel like you know how things are going to go from there. When you start the quest, an opening cut-scene begins, introducing the bros (all named after rock stars, of...


  • Review Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops (PlayStation 3)

    Military mishap

    Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops combines the best features and missions from its mobile counterparts, packaging the popular smartphone series’ first two titles together for PlayStation platforms. Does this port march onto Sony’s systems with success, though – or is it an overpriced clone doing the console rounds? The game definitely...


  • Review Let's Fish! Hooked On (PlayStation Vita)

    Plenty moe fish in the sea

    The closest that we’ve ever come to a fishing rod is the one that shipped alongside the Dreamcast – which is fitting seeing as PlayStation Vita exclusive Let’s Fish! Hooked On was designed by many of the people that worked on SEGA Bass Fishing. And it really shows: from the overenthusiastic speech samples to the...