• Review Battlefield Hardline (PlayStation 4)

    Battlefield Vice

    We all know what police officers are like, don't we? If semi-documentaries like The Wire, CSI, The Shield, and A Touch of Frost are anything to go by, there's barely a person in law enforcement on either side of the pond that isn't addicted to meth and good-hearted hookers. As easy as it is for us to identify with these fictional...


  • Review Dead Space 2 (PlayStation 3)

    Years after the conclusion to the original Dead Space, protagonist Isaac Clarke finds himself locked on the Sprawl -- a metropolis built upon one of Saturn's moons, Titan

    Unable to recall the past three years of his life, Clarke finds himself suffering from distorted visions of his deceased girlfriend, Nicole. As the Sprawl finds itself subject to a...

  • Review Dead Space: Extraction (PlayStation 3)

    Extracting fear and limbs

    Humanity is sacred. Human beings are characterised by the emotions that flow within them, but yet humans are fragile beings. The line between life and death can be broken in an instant, and extract fear from deep within. Dead Space: Extraction finds a group of humans walking the fine line between life and death in deep...


  • Review Dante's Inferno (PlayStation 3)

    Loosely based on the medieval poet, Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy provides the basis for Visceral's latest release

    Essentially lifting the structure popularised by the God Of War franchise, Dante's Inferno combines elements of hack-and-slash, puzzle and platforming gameplay from a fixed camera perspective. The game - adapted from the original poem...