• Review Just Dance 2016 (PS4)

    Tonight's gonna be a good night

    Just Dance is the bane of every Ubisoft press conference – from last year's huge group of dancers to this year's out-of-tune and insanely awkward Jason Derulo, it's never been a property that's been taken too seriously. Yet this year's edition has plenty of new features and content – most of which isn't available...


  • Review Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (PlayStation 3)

    Ghost squad

    If you're expecting to sneak about undetected for the entirety of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, prepare to be disappointed. While there are many clandestine moments throughout, Future Soldier plays closer to the rulebook established by the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare titles. Levels start out with stealth at the forefront but...


  • Review Just Dance 3 (PlayStation 3)

    Late to the party?

    Now into its third main entry, Ubisoft’s Just Dance series has finally shimmied its way onto PlayStation 3 with Just Dance 3, albeit a couple of months later than Just Dance 3 on Wii and Just Dance 3 on Kinect. Does Ubisoft’s key title do enough to stand out amongst PlayStation Move’s already crowded dance game line-up?...