• News The Smithsonian Museum Has Added Flower to Its Permanent Collection

    Where it belongs

    There are few experiences as relaxing and moving as thatgamecompany's Flower. It tells an enchanting tale of the over-industrialisation of modern society while also providing one of the most compelling arguments for SIXAXIS controls. With that in mind, we're happy to report that the respite-sim will be joining first-person shooter...


  • News Blacklight: Retribution and flOw Delayed for European PS4 Launch

    There will be retribution, just not quite yet

    Yesterday we reported on the European launch lineup for the PlayStation 4, and we think that it's safe to say that the impressive list of games will be keeping you busy for quite a while. However, the observant among you may have noticed that two previously announced launch titles were curiously absent...


  • News Journey Is [Not] Bringing Enlightenment to PS4 [Updated]

    Sets its sights on a new mountain

    Better stop knitting that next-gen scarf – turns out thatgamecompany was actually talking about Flower in its awkwardly worded tweet. In a reply to one investigative follower, the developer wrote, "Oops, was talking about Flower, not Journey." That's our hopes and dreams crushed, then. [Original story]


  • Feature PlayStation 3's Best Games

    The best of the best

    PlayStation 3 reaches its fifth birthday in Europe this week, where it finally released on 23rd March 2007 after a lengthy delay. In that time the system has been through highs and lows, but ultimately has proven to be a dominant beast in the living room, embracing multimedia such as TV and film streaming services, Blu-rays and...

  • Out Now Journey (Europe)

    Sand play

    PlayStation Plus members have been skidding through the sand in thatgamecompany's Journey for a week already, but now it's time for everybody to set off on their own adventure. Lucky North Americans got the game yesterday for the tidy sum of $14.99, while European travellers can pick it up for £9.99 as of today. Thatgamecompany's third...


  • Interview thatgamecompany - Journey

    An emotional trip

    The long-awaited release date of thatgamecompany's Journey was finally announced recently. Before the follow up to flower trots onto PlayStation Network next month — 13th March for North America, 14th March for Europe and 15th March for Japan — Push Square spoke to Jenova Chen, co-founder and creative director of...

  • News Journey Destined for North America on 13th March

    Arrives in Europe 14th March

    Yesterday we reported that the highly-anticipated Journey begins its travels in Japan on 15th March: thankfully, the rest of the world can also get ready to depart. North America will receive thatgamecompany’s latest release first, with the title available to download from PlayStation Store on 13th March for $14.99...