• Review Going Under - A Compelling and Comical Roguelite

    Upstairs downstairs

    Many roguelikes and roguelites follow a similar template, and if you've played one, it can feel as though you've played them all. However, they're not all cut from the same cloth; yes, they share some common design and gameplay choices, but others are true outliers that do things differently with the formula. Going Under is one...







  • Review Planet Alpha (PS4)

    Out of this world

    We all know the difference between day and night on Earth, but do light and darkness cause similar transformations on alien worlds? This is the question driving Planet Alpha, a 2D platformer featuring an unnamed spaceman, stranded on a mysterious planet. To escape, our lost astronaut is going to have to delve deeper into an unknown...


  • Review Overcooked 2 (PS4)

    New and improved recipe

    With Overcooked, Ghost Town Games landed upon a delicious recipe for co-operative cooking chaos that dished up a perfect helping of frantic fun. Although fairly short and straightforward in structure, the fiendishly designed levels meant players really did have to communicate effectively to succeed, and it's this that makes...


  • Review Mugsters (PS4)

    Mug shot

    Our time with Mugsters has been short, it has been simple, and it has been sweet. Mugsters is the newest game from the publisher behind Overcooked, The Escapists 2, Yooka-Laylee, and most recently Yoku’s Island Express. Knowing all that, Mugsters has some big shoes to fill. Can it keep up with the endless wonder of Yooka-Laylee? Can...


  • Review Yoku's Island Express (PS4)

    Pinball Wizard

    Because many video games lean on familiar gameplay loops, archetypal characters, and genre conventions, when you're reviewing them it can sometimes feel like you're saying exactly the same thing about a game that you already wrote about previously. But every now and again you'll have to write a sentence during a review that you know...


  • Review Worms Battlegrounds (PlayStation 4)

    At war with itself

    Republished on Wednesday 1st November 2017: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of November's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. Way back in the hazy days of 1995, we doubt that plucky British studio Team 17 imagined that it would be making Worms games a...


  • Review Aven Colony (PS4)


    Aven Colony tells the story of the human colonisation of an alien world, and each mission of the fifteen hour campaign is a variation on that one, singular idea. Like Earth, the planet offers everything from frozen tundra to lush, fertile landscapes capable of supporting the growth of crops like corn and wheat. The aim of the game is to...


  • Review Worms W.M.D (PS4)

    Wriggly good

    Explosions litter the battlefield, reducing soldiers to nothing more than corpses and gravestones. A poisonous gas sneaks around, grasping its enemies and withering them away to a point of no return. A hawk-eyed missile eerily seeks out its victim, locating and dispatching them with mechanical ease. War, you see, has changed. But all...


  • Review Sheltered (PS4)

    Crawl out through the fallout

    Sheltered is a strategy game about ensuring that your family survives after a nuclear apocalypse. To be totally fair, it's about a lot more than that – resource management, adventuring, trading, etc – but you'll spend the majority of your time with this plucky indie not thinking about those things in the abstract,...



  • Review Overruled! (PS4)

    Case dismissed

    Overruled! is a frantic, diverse brawler in which yourself and three other players compete against each other in order to amass points, with the highest total winning the match. Your score is determined by your performance in a selection of objectives, as well through more conventional means, like attacking your opponents – but...


  • Review Beyond Eyes (PS4)

    Feline fine

    Video games are like empathy generators. More than any other medium they allow us to feel what it might be like to be another type of person. Beyond Eyes is great example of this – a game which attempts to simulate the experience of being blind. But while it plays host to some fiendishly clever design, its slow pace and slightly...



  • Review The Escapists (PlayStation 4)

    Bored behind bars

    Every great prison break in history has been executed by someone with the ability to make a fully functioning machine gun out of two plastic forks, a DVD of Adam Sandler's 1989 cinematic masterpiece Going Overboard, and three inches of wire. The Escapists teaches you everything that you need to know when you inevitably get locked...