• Review Puyo Puyo Tetris (PS4)

    Top of the pops

    In a year that's continuously exceeded expectations, you weren't going to bet against Puyo Puyo Tetris being anything less than outstanding, were you? SEGA's gaudy puzzle-'em-up is a real joy, blending the breakneck brick building of Tetris with the more methodical splotch popping of the less-popular Puyo Puyo – sometimes on the...


  • Review NiGHTS into Dreams (PlayStation 3)

    Love the NiGHT life

    While SEGA’s offerings in recent years have been a varied assortment of peaks and valleys, there was a time when there was no disputing their quality. During the Saturn era Sonic Team put out several innovative games that defied genre conventions and immediately captured the hearts of the SEGA faithful. NiGHTS into Dreams has...


  • Review Sonic Generations (PlayStation 3)

    Cycle shattering

    Sonic Generations is a fitting celebration of the blue blur's legacy. We imagine somewhere deep inside Sonic Team's Tokyo headquarters there's a whiteboard packed with diagrams, text and flowcharts. Written at the head of the whiteboard in bold, red marker pen are the words 'Breaking The Sonic Cycle'. Venture into any Sonic thread...


  • Review Sonic Adventure (PlayStation 3)

    If you have any nostalgic ties to SEGA's Dreamcast classic, Sonic Adventure, you're going to get a kick out of replaying this PSN re-release despite its issues

    The controls are clunky, the voice-acting is terrible and the port is not brilliant - skipping on even optimising the game for wide-screen televisions. With that aside, it's hard to dislike...


  • Review Sonic Unleashed (PlayStation 3)

    The most horrendous thing about Sonic Unleashed is that it shows signs of being absolutely, totally, awesome

    It's just a shame about the rest of the game. Mandatory medal-hunts. Awful God Of War-ripped sub-gameplay. Terrible voice acting. Drawn-out level design. Just a few of the reasons that Sonic Unleashed is not quite the game you'd expect it to...