• Review Snooker 19 - Solid PS4 Potter Is Right on Cue

    Big break

    Snooker’s perhaps at its most exciting when Ronnie O’Sullivan is complaining about the stench of tournament venues and Mark Williams is hosting press conferences in the nude. There’s none of the side-theatre in Snooker 19, though: just good honest baize buccaneering with 128 of the world’s top professionals. While there has been...


  • Review The Spectrum Retreat (PS4)

    Enjoy your stay

    Here's one for you: two years ago, 20-year-old game designer Dan Smith won a BAFTA in the Young Game Designers category for his prototype of what would become The Spectrum Retreat. What's more, publisher Ripstone has stepped in to help turn the game into a fully fledged commercial product. It's quite an achievement for the up and...


  • Review Ironcast (PS4)

    I see London, I see France

    Ironcast is a very pleasant game considering its subject matter, its upper-class Victorian characters maintaining their polite demeanour in the direst of situations. Due to a dispute over a very valuable substance called Voltite, the British Empire is at war with its old enemy from across the channel, and it'll take nine...


  • Review Pure Hold'em (PS4)

    Card shark

    Ever wondered what it'd be like to participate in a high-stakes game of Texas Hold'em? Well, wonder no more. Pure Hold'em, developed by VooFoo Studios, is a realistic simulation of the popular card-based game. It follows in the tradition of previous titles from the Birmingham-based developer, including Pure Pool and Pure Chess, offering...


  • Review Pure Pool (PlayStation 4)

    A game with balls

    It’s undeniable that VooFoo Studios is swiftly making a name for itself by producing incredibly photo realistic digital renditions of classic games. We’ve already covered the British-based outfit’s Backgammon and Chess endeavours, and now we’re onto Pure Pool, an adaptation of the quintessential pub pastime that’s...

  • Review Table Top Racing (PlayStation Vita)

    Micro machines

    There’s something enjoyable about viewing the world through the lens of tiny eyes. Codemasters’ legendary Mega Drive adaptation of Galoob’s popular Micro Machines toys cottoned onto this, allowing you to race around workbench surfaces and cereal encrusted breakfast bars. Table Top Racing, a PlayStation Vita port of Playrise...


  • Review Pure Chess (PlayStation 4)

    Rookies welcome

    Way back in 2012, UK developer VooFoo Studios converted the mighty game of chess to the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Despite looking the part, however, Pure Chess was hindered by its limited multiplayer options. Now, the Hustle Kings developer has returned for a second round, wielding the power of the PlayStation 4 in the process. Has it...


  • Review Stick It to the Man (PlayStation 4)

    Scratch and sniff

    Stick It to the Man is the story of a young adult with a hand sticking out of his head. This tale also includes aliens, a few clowns, a crocodile with a taste for human flesh, and a skeleton pirate. With the kind of dark humour that you may remember from the likes of Ren and Stimpy – and an art style to match – this is an...


  • Review Stick It to the Man (PlayStation 3)

    "I know what you're thinking"

    Stick It to the Man wonderfully treads the line between dark and silly. It's Ren and Stimpy-esque aesthetic is plopped on top of a paper craft construction, which gives it a unique and endearing look that brings each character – whether it be human or otherwise – to life in a surreal and smile inducing way. Add to...


  • Review Men's Room Mayhem (PlayStation Vita)

    Spend a penny

    The public toilet is a complex environment, bursting with unwritten rules and accepted traditions. While these standards are not governed by laws, only a brave person dare break them. Men’s Room Mayhem, a brand new PlayStation Vita pee ‘em up from Ripstone and Sawfly Studios, aims to tackle these complex issues in a comical arcade...


  • Review Gun Commando (PlayStation Mobile)

    All outta gum?

    It’s been a good 20 years since DOOM blasted its way onto the scene and laid the foundations for the rise of the first-person shooter. Some people may look back on its arrival with dismay given how stagnant the genre has become, but its legacy cannot be denied. Developer Green Hill Studios hopes to capitalise on that with its latest...

  • Review Panic! (PlayStation Mobile)

    Ooze cruise

    Panic! is a birds-eye 'stop-the-slime-from-consuming-the-townsfolk' puzzle game. As part of Sony's recently released PlayStation Mobile initiative, it is compatible with both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation-certified mobile phones. The narrative relays that a deadly alien slime has attacked the Earth, and you, in your assumed...

  • Review Big Sky Infinity (PlayStation 3)

    Space invader

    Side scrolling, twitch-based space shooters are a staple of gaming, and have been for years. As such, finding something unique can be a struggle. But despite this, developer Boss Baddie has been quietly expanding on the genre with its Big Sky titles on PC. And now the latest iteration Big Sky Infinity has hit the PlayStation 3 and Vita...


  • Review Pure Chess (PlayStation 3)

    Tainted move

    Different people drift towards the world of video gaming for varying reasons. Some see it as an escape from the dreary nature of 'real life' and adore the opportunity to be someone or something else for a few hours. Others delight in uttering some 'smack talk' to anyone daft enough to be wearing a headset with the volume up a few...


  • Review Pure Chess (PlayStation Vita)

    Pawn shop

    With an extensive range of tutorials tucked beneath its board, Pure Chess is set to make a grandmaster out of the freshest chess newbie. There are unforced errors in its approach, however, that prevent it from matching up to the age-old game's traditional quality. Pure Chess is the work of VooFoo Studios, the team behind Hustle Kings, and...