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    Review Strange Brigade

    Hunting horrifying hordes

    As the British Empire’s occult hit squad, the Strange Brigade are dispatched whenever the rampant looting of other cultures leads to supernatural forces being unleashed on the world. While many would argue this may just be karma paying the Brits back for years of colonial oppression, it’s probably best to try and avoid...


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    Review Rogue Trooper Redux

    Clone army

    PS2 curio Rogue Trooper is an unlikely candidate for the remaster treatment. Taken from the pages of eclectic British comic 2000AD, Sniper Elite developer Rebellion had a decent stab at trying something new with the always swamped third-person shooter genre. Receiving positive reviews, it’s since faded into obscurity.  Hopefully,...


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    Review Zombie Army Trilogy

    Just a little off the top

    Zombies have been the perennial whipping boys of the shooter genre for a while now, and it was inevitable that at some point they'd get mashed up with Nazis – second in the cannon fodder league table – to create the ultimate guilt-free targets to blast away at. While Zombie Army Trilogy on the PlayStation 4 is far from...


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    Review Sniper Elite III

    Boom headshot

    It’s ironic that so soon after the release of Valiant Hearts: The Great War, another title with a very different outlook on war has stealthily marched onto the PlayStation 4. In Sniper Elite III, rather than making you think about the needless loss of life, this latest instalment in the distance shooter series asks that you revel in...


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    Review Sniper Elite V2

    Not a bad shot

    Sniper Elite V2 is a pretty single-minded game, when all’s said and done. The Rebellion-developed remake has grand plans of being a stealth action title with tactical frills, but in reality it’s much more content with being a profoundly simplistic shooter. With a limited arsenal and even fewer gameplay distractions, the success of...


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    Review Aliens vs Predator

    Aliens vs Predator is an exciting prospect

    It sees original UK-based developers Rebellion return to the franchise that made them known in the first-place. Aliens vs Predator was a massive hit when it launched on the Atari Jaguar - and later the PC - in the mid-late 1990's. With three completely separate single-player campaigns, Aliens vs Predator...