• Review Illusion: A Tale of the Mind (PS4)


    Some games, no matter how much work the devs put into them, just never come together. While some elements could be great, the overall experience just doesn’t click in any meaningful way. Illusion: A Tale of the Mind, from Canadian dev Frima, is a title that suffers from this. While its virtual reality title Fated: The Silent Oath is one...


  • Review KONA (PS4)

    Snow KONA

    It's 1970 and Private Detective Carl Faubert is heading deep into the wilds of Northern Quebec on a job. Hired to investigate a spate of vandalism in a rural mining community, Carl's looking forward to getting out of Montreal so that he can do something that doesn't involve divorce and cheating spouses. Unfortunately, as soon as he arrives...


  • Review NOW That's What I Call Sing 2 (PS4)

    Come and get it if you really want it

    NOW That's What I Call Sing 2 is really only a game for people who like modern pop music. Only one or two of the 30 songs on the soundtrack were made before 2016, and even then they're five years old at their oldest; the fact that one of these songs is 'Sexy and I Know It' by LMFAO is enough to mark this game...


  • Review Let's Sing 2016 (PS4)

    Something for the weeknd

    First things first: if you've read our Now That's What I Call Sing review, you've pretty much read the review for Let's Sing 2016. The two are practically the same game, bar a couple of tracks, so we strongly recommend that you read the aforementioned review if you want to get a detailed idea of how good Let's Sing 2016 is...


  • Review NOW That's What I Call Sing (PS4)


    SingStar PS4 divided opinions when it first launched – it was missing a lot of important features, and seemed rushed out to capitalise on the success of Sony's new system. NOW That's What I Call Sing, a game that many of you probably haven't even heard of, aims to capitalise on the otherwise near-empty console karaoke market, and it does...