• Feature PlayStation 3's Best Games

    The best of the best

    PlayStation 3 reaches its fifth birthday in Europe this week, where it finally released on 23rd March 2007 after a lengthy delay. In that time the system has been through highs and lows, but ultimately has proven to be a dominant beast in the living room, embracing multimedia such as TV and film streaming services, Blu-rays and...


  • Out Today Heavy Rain: Move Edition

    Get wet, go wild

    Heavy Rain received its Move patch last week, but those of you who missed out on the update can now pick up the Heavy Rain: Move Edition on Blu-ray disc across Europe. With an RRP of £29.99/€39.99, the disc doesn't just add support for Move (though it can be played with DualShock 3 too). Gamers can also experience the Taxidermist...

  • News PlayStation Blog Hosts a Pair of Move Developer Videos

    Heavy Rain and Killzone 3 detailed

    Sony's official PlayStation blogs for Europe and North America are treasure troves of information: not just run by community managers, they also include posts from developers and staff from other publishers, giving a unique look into PlayStation games from all corners of the development world. This week's updates...


  • News Patched for Move: Heavy Rain

    E-motion and drama combine

    Heavy Rain: Move Edition is out on disc in October, but if you already own the game you can pick up a free Move-enabling patch from the PlayStation Network. Weighing in at a beefy 1142MB and downloaded automatically once the disc is inserted, the game adds motion control to the game but nothing else: those of you after the...

  • News Heavy Rain Scoops Game Designer's Award at Japanese Ceremony

    Quantic Dream honoured

    The patch to update Heavy Rain with Move controls should be let loose tomorrow, but Japanese body the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association awarded the DualShock 3-enabled version its Game Designer's Award at a recent ceremony. It praised the game's unique sense of storytelling as well as its emphasis on performing...

  • News Heavy Rain Gets Move Patch and Demo on September 22nd

    A downpour of information inside

    Heavy Rain: Move Edition is the updated version of Quantic Dream's seminal interactive drama, and it's set to arrive soon in two mouthwatering flavours. If you already own the original Heavy Rain, you can expect to experience all the fun of downloading a new patch for it on September 22nd, which will add in all the...