• Review Inside (PS4)

    Step Inside

    Reviewing Inside is a tough proposition. On the one hand, this is a game that is fully deserving of a write-up overflowing with superlatives. On the other hand, to describe practically anything that happens in the game in anything other than the vaguest of terms would be to rob the player of the joy of discovering those moments for...


  • Review Limbo (PlayStation 4)


    Playdead's critically acclaimed Limbo has been slowly creeping onto just about every platform on the planet since its original release in 2010. Now, a whopping five years after its inaugural outing, the experience has lurched its way onto the PlayStation 4. You play as an unnamed boy on the edge of Hell – the title is taken from the...


  • Review Limbo (PlayStation 3)

    Heaven or hell?

    An enchanting and minimal experience, Limbo is absolutely essential. Limbo's minimalism presents itself from the outset. The opening is bereft of button prompts and exposition, settling for a delightfully simplistic title screen and an opening in which our protagonist — a silhouette of a small boy with radiating white eyes —...