• Review Attack on Titan 2 (PS4)

    Colossal fun

    For those who have been living under a rock, Attack on Titan is one of the biggest anime and manga properties of recent years, and tells the story of humanity's struggle against a group of man-eating Titans who are threatening to destroy their world. The first Attack on Titan game came out in 2016, and now Koei Tecmo is back with a...


  • Review Dynasty Warriors 9 (PS4)

    Big trouble in big China

    Dynasty Warriors as a series hasn't changed much over the years. Sure it's had its playable character roster expanded significantly, and it's had the odd combat system overhaul here and there, but the core concept has always remained the same: it's one super overpowered Chinese warrior (you) versus entire armies that flood...


  • Review Warriors All-Stars (PS4)

    Seeing stars

    A crazy crossover title that features characters from a bunch of different Koei Tecmo properties, Warriors All-Stars certainly feels like an attempt at celebrating the publisher's many years of success. Unfortunately, as a traditional hack and slash Warriors title, the game just isn't that great. The PlayStation 4 has been blessed with...



  • Review Dragon Quest Heroes II (PS4)

    Royal rumble

    It's time to dust off those slime-smacking weapons, because Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force is back for another stab at Square Enix's beloved Dragon Quest franchise. Once again, the Japanese studio offers up a colourful action role-playing game stuffed with charm and content. And as is usually the case with an Omega Force sequel,...


  • Review Toukiden 2 (PS4)

    Oni you can save mankind

    Toukiden 2 begins with a huge battle in Yokohama. Monsters known as Oni have wreaked havoc across the world of man and are advancing down from the North. There is a plan to stop their advance in Yokohama by leading a force of Demon Slayers against them. However, things aren't looking good as the Oni are on the rampage and...



  • Review Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers (PS4)

    The search continues

    The Dynasty Warriors series is no stranger to spin-offs, what with its library of Empires titles and its catalogue of somewhat lacking offshoots like Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce. The property has a spotty record when it comes to swapping out its tried and tested hack and slash formula for something different, so it's safe to...



  • Review Samurai Warriors 4: Empires (PS4)

    For clan and country

    In recent years, Warriors games have been criticised for being a little too prolific. To those who don't care for musou titles, it must seem like there's a new Warriors release every other month, but fans have always stuck by Omega Force and its seemingly timeless hack and slash formula. However, even for the Omega Force...





  • Review One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (PS Vita)

    Size doesn't matter

    You're almost spoiled for choice when it comes to Warriors games on the PlayStation Vita, since just about every slice of musou madness to release on home consoles over the last few years has ended up on Sony's diminutive device as well. Generally speaking, the handheld editions of these chaotic brawlers never quite live up to...


  • Review One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (PS4)

    Treasured company

    We loved One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 on the PlayStation 3 like a captain loves his crew, so we've always had high hopes for its sequel, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3. Like most of Omega Force's other musou titles, the third game in this licensed series has made the jump to the new generation, meaning that you can expect more...



  • Review Toukiden: Kiwami (PlayStation Vita)

    Demonic addiction

    Toukiden: The Age of Demons attempted to fill a Monster Hunter-shaped hole on the PlayStation Vita, and it succeeded to quite an impressive degree. Accessible combat and relatively simple crafting systems made it a decent alternative to Capcom's popular action role-playing game romp, but Toukiden: Kiwami's gone one better,...