• Review Puddle (PlayStation 4)

    Hyperactive hydration

    If Puddle was a person, it would be a hyperactive four-year-old. Indeed, this perky puzzler-cum-platformer practically percolates with restless aplomb. But does this energetic attitude keep the experience afloat, or will the title’s soggy antics leave you drowning in misery? At its core, this physics-based outing is a pretty...


  • Review Kung Fu Rabbit (PlayStation Vita)

    Carrot-y chop

    Adding to the slew of mobile-developed indie games that are finding their way onto Sony’s portable console, Kung Fu Rabbit brings basic yet addictive platforming to the table. It’s a title that won’t win any awards for originality, but its neat presentation and simple charm ensure that it’s a difficult game to put down. As you...


  • Review Puddle (PlayStation Vita)

    Splash damage

    You could never accuse Puddle of lacking ideas. The Vita version of Neko Entertainment’s award-winning fluid-based puzzler is brimming with variety, from a tense jaunt across the test tubes and pipettes of a functioning scientific laboratory, right through to an underground romp as a single droplet of deceased rat discharge...


  • Review Heracles: Chariot Racing (PlayStation Minis)

    Who doesn't enjoy a good kart racing game? As we browsed through the PlayStation Store's roster of PlayStation Minis looking for something to occupy us during the summer drought, Heracles: Chariot Racing stuck out like glowing beacon of brilliance

    "A Mario Kart clone featuring characters and stages from Greek mythology?" we exclaimed...