• Review Tekken 7 (PS4)

    Rage against the Mishima

    It's been five whole years since we last had a Tekken game on a PlayStation platform – not counting the free-to-play and hilariously unbalanced Tekken Revolution. As such, Tekken 7 finds itself in a slightly tricky spot. Expectations are high when it comes to the series' latest entry, and with other big-name beat-'em-ups...


  • Review Ridge Racer (PlayStation Vita)

    Spare parts

    Ridge Racer and PlayStation fit together like hand in driving glove. Namco's racing series has helped to ignite the launch of each Sony console to date, but with such a strong launch line-up for Vita its finishing position is not quite as assured this time around. With a new online-focused approach, Vita's Ridge Racer is Namco's attempt...


  • Review Tekken Hybrid (PlayStation 3)

    Fighters megamix

    Tekken Hybrid is a comprehensive slice of fan service. Comprising a remastered classic, a slight but stunning teaser and a watchable action flick, the compilation package is the perfect celebration of Namco's fighting classic. It's unlikely to appeal to everyone, but those that consider Heihachi and Kazuya household names will feel...