• Review Gone Home (PS4)

    Home sweet home

    You can count the number of great video game love stories on one hand. ICO is the first that springs to mind; The Last of Us: Left Behind is another. Gone Home, the 2013 indie hit from The Fullbright Company, may just be the best yet, though. This exploratory adventure is devastatingly real, which makes its expertly executed payoff...


  • Review Blood of the Werewolf (PlayStation 3)

    The wolf among us

    Some people just don’t have any luck. As though transforming into a hairy, blood-thirsty bipedal wolf every month isn’t a tad inconvenient, then someone has to come and murder your husband, burn down your gothic home, and take your son. Thankfully, the only thing between you and him is a series of impractically designed...

  • Review Costume Quest 2 (PlayStation 4)

    Trick or treat?

    Costume Quest 2 is the latest game from lauded developer Double Fine, and is actually the firm’s first full-blown sequel to boot. The title depicts the continuing adventures of twins Reynold and Wren, as they combat a time travelling delinquent dentist determined to destroy Hallowe’en and its teeth-decaying deeds. Much like the...