• Review Soul Sacrifice Delta (PlayStation Vita)

    Grimm not grim

    Soul Sacrifice Delta aims to tempt bookworms back to the brutal pages of Librom – the sarcastic yet helpful novella that just so happens to provide a portal into the world of sorcerers. Initially pitched as one of the PlayStation Vita’s saviours, Keiji Inafune’s original adventure didn’t quite reverse the struggling format’s...


  • Review Valhalla Knights 3 (PlayStation Vita)

    This ain't heaven

    With such a miserable and lacklustre franchise history, you’d be forgiven for expecting Valhalla Knights 3 to fall short of almost all expectations, and unfortunately, you’d probably be right. Where does this apparently doomed franchise keep making wrong turns – and has anything improved over the three years since the last...


  • Review Soul Sacrifice (PlayStation Vita)

    Sins of the skin

    Soul Sacrifice deals with morality in a manner that few games manage. While the likes of Mass Effect and inFAMOUS deliver negligible narrative tweaks in response for your borderline binary ethical decisions, Keiji Inafune’s grotesque fantasy adventure aims to explore the core of your moral makeup. Are you willing to surrender the...


  • Review New Little King's Story (PlayStation Vita)

    Watch the throne

    Our little king is all grown up. After rising to power in Wii's Little King's Story, New Little King's Story sees King Corobo lose his kingdom during one heck of a party. After escaping with a small cadre of loyal subjects, Corobo must prove once more why he deserves to rule by rescuing lands and princesses alike from the clutches...