• Feature The 10 Best PS4 Soundtracks of 2016

    Hitting the right notes

    Another year gone. Times flies, doesn't it? 2016 may have been, erm, less than stellar in a lot of respects, but the games industry was by no means one of the problems. Quality reigned supreme across so many titles it's hard to keep track. Not to be left behind, though, was the music from these games, which delivered some top...

  • PSX 2016 Knack 2 Announced on PS4 to Everyone's Complete Surprise

    Knack on wood

    Knack was a fine 3D platformer. It stumbled with its story, struggled with repetition, and lacked challenge with its level design, but we think it had a lot of potential to improve. So, it was hard to believe that Mark Cerny's, err, most important legacy would ever receive a sequel, but against all odds, Knack 2 will be building its...





  • News Neat, Japan Is Getting a Limited Edition Retail Version of rain

    Please don't go away

    Did you enjoy Japan Studio's melancholy masterpiece rain, but felt that the experience was entirely too digital? Then you'll be excited to hear that the game will be getting a limited edition boxed version. The previously download-only title will also come packed with a slew of extras, including four PlayStation 3 themes and...