• Push Play Top of the PS4 Pops - Issue 3

    Hitting the right notes

    Issue 3 of our frequent music feature comes alongside an abnormally strong June slate of releases. Between some massive games, and some long dormant familiar faces poking their heads out for us to fall in love with all over again, June had a lot to love. These games also brought with them some great soundtracks, and these are...






  • Rumour PS4 Exclusive Resogun May Be Getting Local Co-Op DLC

    Standby for arguments

    Resogun is a remarkably intense solo experience. Dodging and weaving your way through millions of voxels is a complete thrill by any standard. But as we noted in our review, the game quite notably lacks a local co-op mode. And while the online multiplayer may be fun, it's not quite the same as having a friend sitting mere...

  • News Vita Will Be Rotting Away This Week with Dead Nation

    Walking with the dead

    If you haven't already had your fill of the apocalyptic blast-'em-up that is Dead Nation, you'll be able to experience it on the go very soon. Originally shown at E3 2013, the zombie infested shooter is finally making its way to the PlayStation Vita this week in North America and Europe. Both the PlayStation 4 version, which...

  • News Wait, Did Housemarque Just Announce a Sequel to Resogun?

    Fingers crossed

    Do you like mysterious and intriguing tweets that hint at new and exciting games, without ever actually giving any concrete details? No? Neither do we really, but, in the words of the Rolling Stones, you can't always get what you want. Housemarque, the talented team behind Resogun – one of our favourite games of 2013 – is hard at...


  • News Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition Lurching onto PS4

    Don't lose your head

    It looks like Housemarque's twin-stick zombie shooter Dead Nation really is coming to the PlayStation 4, as the Asian iteration of the PlayStation Blog has marked it down as a PlayStation Plus freebie for subscription holders. The title was rumoured to be part of the European Instant Game Collection recently, too,


  • Game of the Month November 2013 - Resogun

    Gunned down

    November was yet another busy month for Push Square's reviewers, as we critiqued a hefty 23 games in total. Last month also saw the release of a certain console that you may have heard about: the PlayStation 4. With Sony's new hardware flying off the shelves, the race to get our next-gen write-ups published was on, and so we brought you...