• Review Get Up and Dance (PlayStation 3)

    Follow the leader

    In the past 14 months we've had no fewer than 11 PlayStation Move dancing games, with Ubisoft's Just Dance 3 due to land in December. That swamped market — dancing games make up over 10% of Move's library — gives precious little room to breathe for each new arrival, so can Get Up and Dance make a name for itself? By now you're...


  • Review National Geographic Challenge! (PlayStation 3)

    Around the world and back again

    Imagine the possibilities of combining PlayStation Move and National Geographic magazine, exploring the rich expanses of the world with the super-accurate motion controller in your hand and so much more. The potential seems limitless, doesn't it? What a shame, then, that National Geographic Challenge! is a quiz game...


  • Review John Daly's ProStroke Golf (PlayStation 3)

    Daly goes about his business with gusto, but not necessarily flair

    Arriving after the feature-packed and Move-supported Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, John Daly’s ProStroke Golf has a lot to live up to, but the Lion does an admirable job of facing up to the intimidating Tiger. Whilst Tiger was as slick and polished as you’d expect from a seasoned EA...