• Review Dungeon Hunter: Alliance (PlayStation Vita)

    An ill-suited alliance

    The popular dungeon crawler Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, previously seen on PlayStation 3, iOS, and Android platforms, slashes its way onto PS Vita with a few new features at a surprisingly inflated cost. The concept is simple: travel from map to map killing enemies in order to level up and snatch up loot to improve your...


  • Review Dungeon Hunter: Alliance (PlayStation 3)

    Welcome to Gothicus

    Beaten, battered and placed away in a dark corner of the cellar, our armour has been sat collecting dust, patiently awaiting a new adventure. Years have passed since the dank smell of dungeon corridors filled our noses, and the blood dripped from the tip of our swords from the slain monsters that lie upon our feet, but that is...


  • Review Modern Combat: Domination (PlayStation 3)

    More bang fewer bucks

    Question: how many times has a dinner been skipped or forgotten in favour of online shooting marathons on the PlayStation 3? Gameloft knows it’s happening daily, and with the price tag of a measly $7.99/£6.29, Modern Combat: Domination on PlayStation Network is as cheap as a skipped dinner, but is it worth going hungry? If...


  • Review Blokus (PlayStation 3)

    Gameloft's new kid on the Blokus

    More and more classic board games have been making their way into the PSN lately and now a digital version of the classic strategy game Blokus is available from Gameloft, the studio that brought the widely popular card game Uno to the PlayStation Store. The rules to Blokus are simple, but to master this block-laying...


  • Review Earthworm Jim HD (PlayStation 3)

    Essentially a re-release of the Mega Drive (/Genesis) version of Earthworm Jim with pretty visuals and a few bells and whistles; Earthworm Jim HD is extremely faithful to its original 16-bit counter-part

    Sadly, the original game wasn't brilliant even in its day. The platforming and level design remain second-fiddle, with the game's focus being on...