• Review Tiny Trax (PS4)

    Micro machines

    Tiny Trax is one of those games that’s just really good, y’know? Velocity 2X developer FuturLab rarely ever disappoints, and its PlayStation VR debut is predictably spot-on. A vibrant Scalextric-style slot racer, this arcade delight places you inside 12 fantasy dioramas and hands you control of one of several miniature vehicles,...


  • Review Velocity 2X (PlayStation 4)


    Since the very beginning of video game history, developers have strived to give us new and exciting ways of blowing stuff up in space. Whether it’s deadly invaders from planets unknown or chunks of asteroids, it’s all been in preparation for Velocity 2X. Strap yourself in, grab yourself a glass of tang, attempt to figure out what the...


  • Review Surge Deluxe (PlayStation Vita)

    Index addiction

    There’s something deadly about the combination of addictive gameplay and online leaderboards. It’s something that we sampled in Rock Band, where grown men would blast out Hannah Montana songs in the hopes of nailing those few extra notes. Surge Deluxe is equally moreish, without ever serving as a gateway to twerking. As such, if...


  • Review Velocity Ultra (PlayStation Vita)

    Starship super

    One year ago, FuturLab's Velocity was released on the PlayStation Minis label and flew right into a meteor shower of praise. At a glance a vertical shoot 'em up, it excelled above this label, wonderfully welding smart puzzle elements to speedy, frantic laser-play. If you were foolish enough to ignore it when it was originally...


  • Review Beats Slider (PlayStation Mobile)

    A new riff on an old classic

    We don’t know about you, but we’ve always been hopeless at those pesky slider puzzles. Rather than try to solve our alphabetical one as a child, we decided to rearrange our understanding of the order of letters. It’s proved a nightmare in later life, we have to admit. Still, trust FuturLab – the developers of...

  • Review Fuel Tiracas (PlayStation Mobile)

    Twitchy thumb syndrome

    Fuel Tiracas is wonderfully compelling. You'll approach it with the intent of a quick five minute session, but will no doubt end up pouring the best part of an hour into it. And it's all because of the game's pesky leaderboards. You'll want, no, need to shave a few seconds off your personal best in order to climb the high...


  • Review Velocity (PlayStation Minis)

    High flyer

    Sometimes a game comes out of nowhere and completely blows you away. Coconut Dodge – the first Minis endeavour from Brighton-based studio FuturLab – had that impact upon almost everyone that tried it. Simple in premise, but deviously addictive, the arcade mini-game was a captivating affair that still holds our attention today. Its...


  • Review Coconut Dodge (PlayStation Minis)

    Like its name, Coconut Dodge is simplistic as it gets: dodge the coconuts, collect the treasure

    The key to its success, therefore, is its bold simplicity — after all, this is what Minis were made for, right? We have the utmost respect for Coconut Dodge's developers, FuturLab. Their website notes a torrid tale in which the recognised Flash studio...